Superior Twp. Volunteer Firefighters Quit Over Chief Being Let Go

Firefighters from the Superior Township Volunteer Fire Department quit after the township board voted 4-0 to let their fire chief go. Now a township with just over 1,000 residents is without local fire protection.

A special meeting was held on Friday at the Superior Township Hall in Brimley. Board members brought up concerns about the alleged mishandling of funds by the former fire chief to purchase new gear, and reports that she assigned a locker with gear to a potential hire.

The former fire chief says she spent $4,100 this past winter to update gear to MIOSHA standards with the board’s approval. The board says they never approved that funding.

“I am [in] violation of MIOSHA law by allowing my firefighters, knowingly allowing them, to be in this gear. Because I brought that up, I feel that is the reason … why I was terminated,” said Amy Jere, former Superior Township VFD chief.

Chippewa County’s central dispatch director says mutual-aid volunteer fire departments from Bay Mills and Dafter will respond to fires in Superior Township.

Source: 9and10 News

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