I’m Pondering

Hi everyone. In case you don’t know me, by now, I’m Maverick, and this is my column “Cat Tales.” I like to write about what’s going on with my mom and me, but I also like to teach so I write informative things concerning cats. I think I would make […]

Waiting For The Eclipse

Hi everyone. I’m Maverick with this week’s edition of “Cat Tales.” I’m waiting for the eclipse. I keep looking out the window to see if anything is happening yet, but my mom says it won’t happen until Monday, April 8th. I told her that we should have a party and […]

Happy Easter

Hello everyone. Maverick here with the Easter Edition of Cat Tales. I have to say upfront that there was no way I was letting my mom put me in bunny ears for this week’s snapshot. A cat has to draw the line somewhere. I love my mom, but asking me […]

I Don’t Like Spring Cleaning

Hi, I’m Maverick, and this is my column/blog, “Cat Tales.” It’s that time of year again for Spring cleaning. It’s exhausting watching my mom clean. I try to stay out of her way, or she may put me to work. I’m kidding. She started some of it last weekend and […]


Hello again, I’m Maverick with another edition of “Cat Tales.” I hope everyone is doing well. I’m working late tonight because I took a much-needed catnap this afternoon. I just woke up a bit ago, so I thought I’d tell you about the doctor’s appointment I had today. It was […]

I Need a Booster Seat

Hi everyone. Maverick here with the latest edition of “Cat Tales.” This pic shows what I look like sitting on my mom’s desk chair. When I write my column, I have to put a box on the chair. I think I need a booster seat, just not a pink one. […]

Ups and Downs

Hi everyone. Maverick here with another edition of “Cat Tales.” For anyone new to my column, “Cat Tales” is a blog about my daily life with my mom. From time to time, there will also be info helpful to pet owners. I never know what I’m going to write about […]

I Don’t Feel So Hot

Hi everyone. The New Year hasn’t started well for me. Before Christmas, I got sick. It was awful. My mom was scared, and I was too ill to be. I was sick to my stomach, and I stopped eating. My mom knew something was up early one morning when I […]

New Friends

Hi everyone. Maverick here, with the Christmas edition of “Cat Tales.” I am excited to tell you about my new friends. I have been so lonely without my brothers, and I don’t like being alone. So I asked my mom for a new brother for Christmas. She told me that […]

Hard At Work

Hi Everyone. Maverick here with another edition of “Cat Tales.” Let me start by thanking everyone for making my column such a hit. I’m overwhelmed with emotion. Guess what? I’m gaining back the weight I had lost. I lost a lot when I was sick and also when my brother, […]