Mackinac Trail business destroyed by fire

SOO TOWNSHIP, Mi — Between 8:30 and 9:00 this morning, a fire broke out at Proline Automotive, located at 5977 S Mackinac Tr, on the corner of Mackinac Tr and 6 Mile Rd. By the time Soo Township Fire Department arrived about 9am, black smoke was billowing from the building and shortly thereafter, it was flames.

Chief Jeff Killips declared the fire a “5-Alarm Fire”, which initiated a mutual aid response from Bay Mills Fire Department, Superior Twp Fire Department, Dafter Fire Department, Sugar Island Fire Department and City of Sault Ste Marie Fire Department. Tanker trucks made continuous runs to the Sault to refill their trucks via fire hydrants.

Witnesses reported hearing explosions from within the building during the fire. Chief Killips told EUP News that he can only surmise that the building had several acetylene tanks, as well as paint cans, that were causing the explosions. There were two employees inside the building when the fire started, but both escaped without injury and were able to call 9-1-1.

As of this writing, no firefighters have been injured and there is no cause of the fire yet. The incident remains under investigation.

The Chief did agree, though, they could have picked a warmer day to fight a fire.

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