City Engineering Dept releases projects to be completed in 2023

The City of Sault Ste Marie Engineering Department has released its January construction update for calendar year 2023.

The Ashmun Bridge Sign has finally been replaced and the 5-year Master Recreation Plan is planned for adoption at the January 16th City Commission meeting.  This will allow us to apply for MDNR funding opportunities and give us a roadmap for the future.   The Engineering Department would like to thank the residents and business owners for their cooperation during planning and construction. 

The Easterday Ave. Truck Route Reconstruction and Carbide Dock Port Reconstruction projects were both awarded respectively to Bacco Construction Company and Roen Salvage Company.  For construction timelines visit our website at Project List | Sault Ste. Marie Michigan (

Future projects for 2023 include:

            Meridian Street – W. Easterday Ave to 8th Ave (.49 miles)

Water main and sanitary sewer replacement roadway reconstruction with 3” HMA,8-12” aggregate. base, 12” sub base with also include drainage and shoulder work.  We have already been working with several businesses and LSSU and plan to notify all property owners of our plans once the project is bid so we can ensure we have adequate funding in place.  No special assessment is expected as the project is funded through MDOT’s Small Urban Program. The project schedule for MDOT bidding is March 3rd with construction stating the 1st week in May. Total estimate still in design; $2.5M

Water Street Combined Sewer Overflow

                  In partnership with the U.S. Army Corps under their 219 funding, this project would close out one of our three last remaining CSOs.  This would eliminate CSO site #007 @ Water & Bingham intersection.  The project includes Construct Ashmun St./Maple St. Sanitary Sewer Lift Station, Reconstruct the sanitary sewer overflow structure in the intersection of Bingham Avenue & Water Street to eliminate an 8 inch overflow connector between sanitary and storm sewer which outfalls through St Mary’s Falls Park at the Bingham Avenue & Water Street intersection, and Rehabilitate the storm drainage out fall piping (12 & 48 inch) within St Mary’s Falls Park.  Total estimate still in design; $1.2M

Power Canal Trail Phase II – Non motorized trail continuation – Ashmun to Johnston Street in partnership with MDOT, Cloverland, & Private Donations. (.45 miles)

This project, originally slated for 2022, was delayed due to emergency utility work on the canal required by Cloverland.  MDOT awarded the contract to Payne & Dolan, and they have agreed to an extension of time until August 2023.  We will continue to update the public on the project as cannot proceed with the project until Cloverland’s work is completed as they are working directly in the path of the trail.  Total cost for 2022 before delay; $289,000.

Safe Routes to School

The proposed project consists of improvements to pedestrians within the service areas of Lincoln Elementary, Washington Elementary, and Sault Area Middle School in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.  This project would also complement and continue the connection between a previous SRTS project at Bahweting Schools. The topo survey is complete and the environmental review is under way. Next will be design and then the public will be invited to stakeholder meetings.  Partners include MDOT, Sault Schools, Sault Tribe, and the city. Total estimate still in design; $820,000

MDOT will also be conducting two projects next year including the downtown repaving on Ashmun Street, from the bridge to Portage Avenue, and the M-129 repaving of 18th Ave to 10 Mile Road.  The city will be replacing watermain from 18th Ave to 3 Mile Road.  While we are not the lead agency on these projects, we are partnering to address utility and other issues while they are working in these areas. 

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