MYWAY Sault Bridge Brawl & NEMWA Regional Results

All 5 Sault City Youth Wrestlers participating in the NEMWA Regional tournament, in Bullock Creek, pushed through to the
NEMWA State tournament next week in Traverse City.
NEMWA – Regionals tournament results:
Levi Hudson 3-1 (2nd), Drew Burtt 3-1 (2nd), Carson Browning 0-2 (2nd), Hazen Hudson 1-1 (2nd), and Kane Savoie 2-1

Sault City Youth Wrestling placed 2nd out of 23 teams at its home tournament. Thank you to our Sault High Wrestlers for working this tournament!

MYWAY – Sault Ste. Marie tournament results:
Dalton Anderson 2-2 (4th), Davin Anderson 2-1 (2nd), Julien Hudson 0-2 (DNP), Colton Nash 1-2 (DNP), McCarty Gurnoe 2-1 (2nd), Thaxtin Smith 1-2 (DNP), Case Kroeger 2-1 (2nd), Easton Anderson 4-0 (1st), Waylon Lundy 1-3 (4th), William TenEyck 2-1 (2nd), Driftin Smith 1-3 (4th), Ethan Ball 2-1 (2nd), Royce Copenhafer 2-2 (4th), Dominic Branam 3-0 (1st), Ryder Browning 1-3 (4th), Payne Kroeger 2-0 (1st), Logan Lowther 0-2 (2nd), Jack Compton 0-2 (3rd), Zelda Gallagher 0-2 (DNP), Braedyn Hering 1-2 (3rd), Talia Klozotsky 3-0 (1st), Pierce Rondeau 2-1 (2nd), Arkin Smith 0-0 (1st), Kaysen Hendrick 2-1 (2nd), Micah Smith 2-1 (3rd), Emmett Rogers 2-1 (3rd), Jared Riggs 1-3 (4th), Brayden Anderson 0-3 (4th), Jack Lowther 1-1 (2nd), Atlas Kroeger 2-0 (1st), Drake Ormsbee 2-0 (1st), Jacob Kiekhaefer 2-0 (1st), Easton Hendrick 1-2 (DNP), Josh Klier 0-2 (2nd), and Jackson Minta 1-1 (2nd).

This weekend wrestlers travel to NEMWA State Championships in Traverse City and MYWAY in Cheboygan.

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