Sugar Islander II to be taken out of service in near future for repairs due to structural damage

Operators of the Sugar Islander II ferry issued a statement saying – “We are sorry to announce, that due to a hit on the Sugar Islander Ferry last Saturday during the high wind event, the Sugar Islander II incurred structural damage on the bow.

The damage, after further USCG inspection today, was worse than originally thought.

Going forward, the island side ramp will be working in a limited capacity.

Only light passenger vehicles will be allowed on the ferry. Small, light trailers may be considered. All heavy vehicles such as semis, delivery trucks, construction vehicles will be prohibited for a period of time yet to be determined. We are hoping no longer than a week.

We understand this will cause great inconvenience and apologize in advance. These measures have been put in place to assure the safety of our customers, crew, and vessel.

The Sugar Islander Ferry will be taken out of service for repairs in the very near future, and the DIII will be put in service for the duration of time it takes to repair the Sugar Islander.”

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