What to do and expect on Election Day

Tuesday, Hovember 8, 2022, is less than a week away and could prove to be one of the most important days in the recent history of the United States. Do you know where you have to go to vote? Do you know what the ballot will look like in your area when you go to the booth? Do you know if you are required to show identification to vote?

The Michigan Secretary of State has an extensive website dedicated to the November 8 election. The main page can be found at Michigan Voter Information Center (state.mi.us).

It is highly recommended to review the Secretary of State site thoroughly, especially if you have any questions or may not have voted in a long time. Knowing what’s on the ballot and what it looks like is also very important. For example, the photo of the ballot below is for the City of Sault Ste Marie Precinct 1 (your township will differ slightly).

Do your research and we hope this information helps you at the booth.

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