Bay Mills installs EV chargers

BAY MILLS — Bay Mills Indian Community continues their mission of “going green” — this time with the installation of electronic vehicle charging stations.

The tribe secured nearly $100k in funding for the EV stations from a ChargeUp Michigan grant, OFME Next Energy grant, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. BMIC provided funds for the project as well.

Four Level 2 chargers (4 chargers on 2 pedestals) and 1 50 kWh DC Fast Chargers,  are located next to the Bay Mills Resort entrance sign. These will be available in the coming weeks for anyone wishing to charge their EV.

“Bay Mills Resort & Casino is very pleased to offer EV charging services to those guests with fuel alternative vehicles.  This is one step out of the many initiatives we plan to implement over the next couple of years that will place us at the top of northern destination locations,” said BMRC General Manager Richard LeBlanc.

Electric vehicle ownership grew 10 percent in the last year and continues to grow with tax incentives and environmental concerns driving the change. The current White House administration has issued an executive order setting a target for EVs to represent half of all vehicle sales by 2030. In the next year, experts predict more than a dozen new EV models will hit the market.

“Through this installation, Bay Mills Indian Community will create its own brand of renewable energy resources that support and drive change for future generations,” said BMIC President Whitney Gravelle. “Together we will continue to transform our services to provide for ever emerging technological advances that promote and uplift sustainability.”

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