International Bridge to change over toll system

The International Bridge is excited to announce that we are upgrading our tolling system. Our new system
will introduce features that will improve your tolling experience. The new system is scheduled to go live
Aug. 10.

Over time, we will discontinue our current cards and transition to 6C RFID windshield tags that are
automatically read by our system when you pull into a lane. Stay tuned for more information.
You will continue to use but there will be a new look and new access instructions. A
new web portal will allow you to manage your account more effectively. This will include the ability to
review transactions, make one-time payments or set up automatic payments, request new or replacement
tags, cancel tags, generate statements, and more.

How will this affect you now? Here are a few important things to remember:
☻ All your current account information and balances will automatically transfer over to the new
system. You will need to re-enter your payment information in the new system if you currently
have automatic payments set up. You can log in using your previous account number; however,
you will be prompted to create a new username and password.
☻ Your current cards will continue to work, although they will eventually be phased out. You will
receive advance notice when this happens.
☻ Before the new system goes online there will be a “freeze” period on accounts. No new cards
or accounts will be created, and no changes can be made to existing accounts after 10 p.m. Aug. 5. No deposits to accounts can be made after 10 p.m. Aug. 8. The freeze will be lifted when the
new system goes live. All valid cards can continue to be used on their accounts during this

Some helpful online guides will be available after Aug. 10 to explain functions of the new system and give
instructions on how to perform tasks such as making payments, requesting new tags, etc. If you have any
questions, you can phone us at (906) 635-5255 or (705) 942-4345 ext. 105 or 0. Or email us at

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