Jurors Find Some Whitmer Plotters Not Guilty, Deadlock Verdict On Others

The jury deliberating the fate of four men accused of plotting the kidnap of Governor Gretchen Whitmer in 2020 said today that it has found Brandon Caserta and Daniel Harris not guilty of the crime but could not reach a unanimous verdict on the remaining defendants.

Federal investigators sought to prove that the tetrad had a plan to kidnap Ms. Whitmer from her Elk Rapids vacation home at the height of the pandemic.

After a week of deliberations and relative silence from the jury, the body said today that it did not believe the government proved its case against Mr. Harris and Mr. Caserta. However, jurors were unable to come to a unanimous verdict against Adam Fox and Barry Croft.

A mistrial will be called as it relates to Mr. Fox and Mr. Croft.

Jurors had initially said today that they had reached a decision on some charges but were locked on others before U.S. District Judge Robert Jonker of the Western District of Michigan sent them back to work over the lunch period.

They returned following that session with “not guilty” verdicts for two but were stumped on verdicts for Mr. Fox and Mr. Croft on the conspiracy to kidnap charge.

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