No charges pressed after homeless man discovered behind Sault business

A big heart by a Sault Ste. Marie business owner keeps a homeless man from jail.

The man camped out behind Das Gift Haus for a few months before being noticed last week.

The owner, Ray Bell, says the man made a six foot by six foot furnace room in his home through the winter months. He had a small microwave, personal items and a chair in the room. The room had no entry to the actual store.

Last Wednesday, an employee noticed the man. Police were called and Bell gave the man a day to move out with his possessions.

“He was respectful of the property,” said Bell. “Yeah, technically he was trespassing but he was trying to survive. We had the option to press charges but we chose not to. He needs help so we tried to offer solutions to get him help.”

Community action in the Soo took a survey in late Jan. for those who were homeless out on the street. Fifty-two people were counted, which is about double from previous years.


  1. Was homeless as a youth

    They counted them ?? Heck most times we can’t even SEE them….

  2. Mark Dobias

    Good on you, Ray.

  3. Patricia Shimmens

    Charges weren’t pressed, but who is helping him? How sad…

  4. Great work, Ray! If the guy would have been behind Dobias’s office he would be locked up for sure!!

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