US Marshalls bring VA man back to Chippewa County to face child sex crime charges

Joseph Connors Schroepfer,37

In June of 2021 Deputy Sheriff’s responded to a sexual assault case which occurred in the Detour area.
It was found that a group of families came to Chippewa County from Virginia for vacation. During this vacation a 37 year old male sexually assaulted a 14 yr old girl, who was also part of the vacationing group. It was reported that the suspect sexually assaulted her multiple times over a couple day period, physically restraining her during the attacks.

Once the victim reported the incident to family members, the suspect immediately left the area. It was suspected that he headed back to Virginia.

Detectives from the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office then started the follow-up investigation.
During the course of the investigation, Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office Detectives obtained a search warrant to collect the suspect’s DNA. Arrangements were made with the local authorities in Virginia to collect the suspect’s DNA.

Once the Chippewa Co Sheriff’s Office received the DNA results from the MSP crime lab, a 6 count Felony warrant was issued.

After the felony warrant was issued, Chippewa Co. Detectives contacted the authorities in Virginia and requested their assistance in apprehending the suspect. When attempting to locate the suspect, it was found he no longer was living in Virginia. His location was now unknown.

The Chippewa Co Sheriff’s Office then contacted the U.S. Marshalls to see if their Fugitive Taskforce would assist in locating the suspect.

Earlier this month (February) our Office was advised that the suspect was found by the U.S. Marshalls and arrested in Minnesota.

Joseph Connors Schroepfer 37 year old from Christiansburg VA
1- Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) 1st Degree
2- CSC 1st Degree
3- CSC 1st Degree
4- Kidnapping (held/restrained by force)
5- Accosting Child for Immoral Purposes
6- CSC 4th Degree

The suspect has since been transported back to Chippewa County. He was arraigned in the 91st Dist court on 2-24-2022. He is being held on a $1,000,000 bond with tether on all charges.

Schroepfer is considered innocent until proven guilty.

This investigation was a true team effort. The authorities in VA were a tremendous help along with the U.S. Marshalls. The work of the MSP Crime Lab was extremely helpful. Our very own Deputy Sheriff’s and Detectives worked this case with the intensity you would expect to help this young victim.
A big thank you to all of those involved.

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