Local Agencies Work Together on Preventative COVID-19 Treatment

Sault Sainte Marie, MI – A healthcare team made up local partners provided numerous local residents with monoclonal antibody treatments for COVID-19 last week. “We were contacted on Tuesday, November 9th by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Region 8 Healthcare Coalition Coordinator, to provide monoclonal antibody treatment to potentially 60 individuals at an assisted living facility the following day” said Renee Gray, Director of Kinross EMS. “After collaboration with Dr. Raycraft and Shelli Arnold at War Memorial, we reviewed and passed protocol to facilitate this process” Gray added.

The group worked seamlessly to provide treatments to 43 patients in 3.5 hours at the assisted living facility. The team was made up of five EMS staff, two RN’s, and three CNA’s. The day after treatment, this same team worked to complete all necessary paperwork and enter the information in the State of Michigan database.

“The goal is to bring this treatment right to the facility, treat the patients on-site, and prevent overwhelming arrivals to our Emergency Department. Over a three-day period our team treated 74 assisted living facility residents. Monoclonal antibody treatment may reduce symptoms and risk of hospitalization for COVID-19 positive people or those who have been exposed” Gray stated.

Monoclonal antibodies are lab-produced molecules that act as substitute antibodies which can restore, enhance or mimic the immune system. They are designed to block viruses by not allowing them to attach and enter human cells, therefore neutralizing the virus. Monoclonal antibody treatment is available for some COVID-19 positive patients under FDA Emergency Use Authorization. A medical professional would need to determine if an individual is eligible for treatment.

This effort includes collaboration by Kinross EMS, MDHHS, Region 8 HCC, EUP Medical Control Authority, Chippewa County Health Department, and local assisted living facilities. “We are grateful for the continued cooperation and teamwork across agencies in our area” said David Jahn, WMH President & CEO “We are working together with one goal, and that is to keep the community safe” Jahn added.

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