Updated COVID-19 Testing Process

Sault Sainte Marie, MI – The State of Michigan has contracted with a COVID-19 testing company to bring testing and reporting to communities across the state. The State contracted testing company, Honu, will take over testing services at the Nolte Street location adjacent to War Memorial.

Beginning Thursday, October 28th there will be two tents at the Nolte Street location. Honu contracted staff members will be on-site to provide further instruction to those needing a test. There will be two tests offered, an antigen test and a PCR test. Results of the antigen test will be provided within 30 minutes via text message or email. Results of the PCR test will be provided in 2-4 days.

“The testing changes allow our community to be tested five days per week, from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm. The contracted company is able to provide results from antigen tests very quickly” said David Jahn, WMH President & CEO.  “This change in testing process will allow War Memorial laboratory staff some relief in their day to run the many routine tests and specimens processed for hospital patients” Jahn added.

Patients will be asked to complete a form prior to testing. Paper forms will be available on-site, or an electronic form can be completed here: https://bit.ly/3meSvXi

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