3 Animals You Might Find in Your Backyard This Spring

Active wildlife is one of the surest signs that winter is over and spring has arrived. Watch out for these animals you might find in your backyard this spring.

There are many signs that spring has arrived: warmer weather, longer days, and colorful, blooming flowers. Some of the most exciting indicators of the changing seasons are the animals you’ll spot. For many animals, spring is a time of activity as they emerge from hibernation or raise this year’s young. As the rest of the world comes to life, you don’t have to look far to find your local wildlife. Keep an eye out for these three animals you might find in your backyard this spring.

American Robin

For many people, the robin is the first true sign of spring. When you hear this little bird singing his song, you know that warmer weather and brighter days are on their way. Male robins sing to attract mates and establish their territory. This task is so important that you can hear robins sing from early in the morning until long after sunset. A robin is easy to distinguish by its red chest. You might also notice a nest full of bright blue robin eggs in your yard. Remember to be respectful and keep your distance from robin nests. However, there’s nothing wrong with catching this handsome harbinger of spring with a camera.

Honey Bees

Many people are wary of bees in their yards. However, the honey bee is a welcome and necessary sign of spring. If you see these creatures buzzing about your yard, that means your local pollinators are hard at work helping flowers, vegetables, and other plants reproduce and flourish. The honey bees that visit your yard are busy foraging for nectar and pollen to bring back to their hives. The foraging habits of honey bees are far more complicated and fascinating than many people expect. More importantly, honey bees play a crucial role in maintaining the natural world around us. If you enjoy spring’s vibrant colors, be sure to thank a honey bee—or maybe just let them visit your yard in peace.


If you live in a more rural or forested area, deer might be among the animals you’ll find in your backyard this spring. Deer like to munch on flowers and fruits, which means you might spot these dainty visitors in your garden. Dawn and dusk are the most active hours for deer, but you can still catch them at any other point during the day. If you want to keep deer out of your plants, try installing motion-based lights or sprinklers. You can also add deer-repelling plants, such as lavender, chives, or others with strong smells and tastes. Conversely, if you enjoy seeing these creatures in your backyard, you can attract them with salt blocks, fruit plants, and other desirable treats.

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