Letters from the Past: John Jr writes home – c1944

Co B 27th Bn 5th Regt, I.R.T.C.
Fort McClellan, AL
U.S. Army

February 02, 1944

Dear Folks,
Well, today was a big day for me. I got the two boxes that you sent me. Last night I got your money order, and I got 3 fillings in my teeth, plus my pay. I got $34.55 with all deductions taken out. I gave $1.00 to the Red Cross.

The fellows in my hut sure liked the contents of the boxes. I got the boxes this noon when I got back to the Company area and before we fell out at 12:30. One box of candy was gone. One of the candy bars melted a little but otherwise, it arrived in good condition. Those cookies are sure good. I haven’t passed many of them out so far. The fellows gobbled up my candy so fast that I am kind of saving them for myself. Those little herrings were good. I like them a lot. I have seen quite a few fellows boxes, and I think I have the best one. You know sometimes you don’t get as much at chow as you want so this box is going to help me a whole lot. You know when I was at the dentist this afternoon, I asked him about a partial plate, and he said that they would get me one.

Some of the fellows are shipping out of here now. You know that the government is not going to give any more specialist training at this camp after this cycle is over. It looks like I got here just in time.

Tomorrow we go to the rifle range. We have to get up at 4:30 in the morning. We had inspection this morning. I didn’t get gigged but some fellows rifles and lockers were filthy. Things are pretty quiet around the huts tonight. The fellows are out wasting their money.

Well, how is everything at home? How are the colds coming along? Have you heard from Grandpa or from Grandma lately? I like her stationery a lot. It certainly is nice. How are Effie and Caroline? Do you play the Victrola much? They have that Boogie Woogie tune like we have at home, over at the PX, and every time I hear it I think of home. Well I don’t have much more to say right now and besides, it’s getting late, and I have to be up early in the morning.

Well, Goodnight.

Your Soldier Son,
John Jr.

Thanks again for the boxes and the money. If I get a chance I am going to send some of the money home for you to keep for me. Tell Effie I got the dollar that she sent me that time. If I get a chance to write tomorrow night, I
will do so.

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