COVID-19 is still in Chippewa County and cases CONTINUE to increase

CHIPPEWA COUNTY, Mich. – As the Upper Peninsula continues to see a dramaticccincrease in positive COVID-19 cases, Chippewa County has had an increase of more than 30 confirmed and probable cases since September 2, 2020 with 14,000+ tests having been administered.

Chippewa County Health Department (CCHD) cannot stress enough the importance of residents and visitors taking precautions to protect their loved ones when in public settings or attending gatherings. Limiting the time spent with non-household members, wearing a face covering when six-feet distancing cannot be maintained, and practicing good hygiene are highly encouraged to control the spread. If you are sick stay home. If you have been told you are positive with the virus which causes COVID-19 or a close contact of someone who has the virus, please abide by the isolation and quarantine instructions given by the health department.

There is still much unknown about this novel (new) coronavirus. We do know that while most people have mild or no symptoms, others become very sick and even after recovery (30 days after symptom onset or positive test), have long-term, negative health impacts which include: lung, cardiovascular, and neurological system damage. CCHD wants to encourage everyone to take of not only themselves but others.

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