Sault Ste Marie woman arrested for OWI 3rd offense

ROSCOMMON COUNTY, MI — On Sunday, September 13, 2020 at about 4:10 am, troopers from the Michigan State Police (MSP) in Houghton Lake stopped to check on a vehicle parked on the shoulder of south US-127 near mile marker 202 in Lyon Township. The driver was asleep behind the wheel with the window open.

The driver was identified as 36-year-old Katherine Lee Benson of Sault Ste Marie. Benson showed signs of intoxication and was arrested after performing sobriety tests.

Benson was arrested for one count felony Operating While Intoxicated Third Offense. She was lodged in the Roscommon County Jail. Benson was arraigned in the 82nd District Court in Roscommon on September 14, 2020 and her bond was set at $50,000 10% cash surety.

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  1. This is a very interesting article, I read it 3 times today. I’m not sure what the felony charge is.
    Women found in parked car, sleeping on the shoulder of highway, in Northern Michigan. Article reports “found sleeping, with signs of intoxication”. Found sleeping, “appeared intoxicated”, in parked car? Felony Charge?
    Did the car have a flat tire, any mechanical issues reported? Was the car lodged in a ditch, in a tree? I personnaly don’t know any person who would voluntarily decide to park and sleep on the highway shoulder(which is an easement for immobile vehicles), in the forest of Northern Michigan.
    Great article, but is there any other information to the story.
    SLEEPING in parked car = Felony Drinking and DRIVING?
    Seems difficult for anyone to Drive and Sleep in a parked car” at the same time…Please keep updated….

  2. We are, by no means, defending our convicting the subject of this story nor do we claim to be legal experts. But to answer your question(s), a simple Google search of several websites would have answered your questions in a simple way for you to understand.

    “Can you get a DUI if you sleep in your parked car? The legal answer is yes, you can get charged with a DUI-related offense with no proof of driving, with no keys in the ignition, or even sometimes outside of your car. ”

    Feel free to visit this site for more information on the topic.

    PS – Please don’t hide behind the internet on this site. If you have a serious comment or question, as you do, please feel free to post your REAL name. Thanks. Mark (Editor)

  3. I posted a comment asking a question. …why is my identity important Mark?
    It’s an open forum, isn’t it?
    Keep us updated please…

  4. If the car was immobile, and not drivable….no crime could be committed. Just from reading the article, it looks like it will be tough to proven in my opinion. I’m sure there is a prosecutor who will try, but a good lawyer may chew this up, and it may end up as waste of taxpayer dollars.
    It’s Roscommon, anything’s possible.

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