New Phone Scam Targeting Local Residents

There are reports of a new phone scam targeting victims of Chippewa County and surrounding areas. This one accuses you of having an outstanding warrant.

According to Chippewa County Sheriff Mike Bitnar, the scammer calls the target and identifies themselves as a Deputy Sheriff from Chippewa County. The target is informed that they have pending criminal charges and is told to obtain gift cards for large amounts of money.

In some local cases, if the victim questions the legitimacy of the call or suggests it may be a scam, another person comes on the phone claiming to be a local attorney who instructs the target to follow the instructions. The scammer has gone so far as to threaten additional charges if the target doesn’t go and get the cards immediately.

“The Chippewa County Sheriff Office wants to remind you that we will NOT be calling you about a warrant for your arrest and then ask you for money,” Sheriff Bitnar stated.

“We ask that you talk to your families and friends, especially the elderly or vulnerable, as they are often target,” added Bitnar. “These scammers do this for a living and they get very creative and are good at what they do.”

“I hate to see any of our citizens losing their money to these criminals.”

Mark Krupiarz

Mark Krupiarz

Mark is the Publisher and Editor of EUP News. He acquired the site in March of 2013 and has grown it into the largest source of news in the eastern Upper Peninsula. Mark has a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Lake Superior State University and a Master's Degree in Social Marketing from the University of Phoenix. Mark enjoys photography, fishing and riding ATVs.

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