Sault Ste Marie lifts burning ban

Effective April 29, 2020 the moratorium placed on all burning within the City of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan will be lifted to allow burning which follows the City’s burning ordinance. Burn permits are required for those wanting to legally burn, and are once again available online at Please be sure to read and have a copy of your printed permit and purchase receipt on file at all times. Burn permits will also be available at the City Clerk’s Office once City Hall reopens. During the ongoing “Stay at Home” order, all social distancing guidelines also remain in effect for burning.

Burn Permit Rules:
• Pit must be constructed of metal, masonry, or natural rock and be no larger than 3 feet by 3 feet (9ft2) – burn barrels are not permitted.
• Fires may not exceed 3 feet X 3 feet wide X 3 feet tall.
• Fire is to be used for the purposes of cooking food.
• A water source for extinguishing the fire must be readily available.
• Only firewood may be burned
o No yard debris –leaves, grass, etc. is permitted.
o Noconstruction/demolitionmaterialispermitted.
o Noothergarbageorotherman-madematerialshallbeburned.
• Fires shall be under adult supervision at all times.
• Environmental conditions such as wind direction and velocity should be closely monitored.
• Due care and caution shall be taken to keep smoke and embers from entering neighboring
properties. You are responsible for all fires which escape your designated fire pit.
• Any fire producing excessive amounts of smoke is not permitted.

Failure to comply with any burn permit rules may result in the revocation of a burn permit or issuance of a civil violation ticket.

Dispatches to burning complaints where a permit has not been drawn, or where there is a burn permit rule violation will result in the fire having to be extinguished immediately.

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