Chippewa County Sheriff elaborates on the public and his responsibilities under new Governor Order 2020-42

PRESS RELEASE – I have read over the Governor’s new order #2020-42. I have met with our Prosecutor to develop a plan on enforcement. The order has changed in such a way that we can enforce some of the issues directly affecting our communities.

Attached is MCL 10.33 (the law in which we will be enforcing the Governors order)


Individuals may travel:

(1) To return to a home or place of residence from outside this state. (Example, are those who live here but winter elsewhere) We want those people to be able to come Home, we just ask that they self quarantine for the 14 days when they get here.

(2) To leave this state for a home or residence elsewhere.

(3) Between two residences in this state, through April 10, 2020.
After that date, travel between two residences is NOT permitted.
(For example those who live out of the area can NOT travel to or from a cabin/residence starting 0001 hrs of 4-11-2020)

(c) All other travel is prohibited, including all travel to vacation rentals. (exceptions for local travel are located in section 7 of EO 2020-42.

VIOLATIONS of the Governors newest order is a MISDEMEANOR and our Office will investigate and issue citations for violations when necessary. The sections of this order, which most of our enforcement activity is expected, is from the above (3) and (C). Other violations in the order may also be investigated as they arise.


This same order in section 12 states:
(No one shall advertise or rent short-term vacation property except as necessary to assist in housing a health care professional or volunteer aiding in the response to the
COVID-19 crisis)

Any investigation into Sec 12 which results in violations being found will result in a Misdemeanor citation being issued to the owner/operator.


Executive Order 2020-42 is valid until 4-30-2020. If we all do our part now, the sooner everything will get back to normal. Although we typically welcome visitors and tourists to our area, we need all those who feel that they need to travel to our community from their other homes in Michigan to do their part by complying with the order until it is lifted. The quicker we comply with the stay at home order, the sooner we can ALL begin to enjoy the things we once did here in Chippewa County.

We will actively be investigating and enforcing this order to protect to citizens of Chippewa County.

This order is not perfect and does not cover every possibility of travelers, but it does help.

Thank you and BE SAFE!

Read the Governor’s Executive Order #2020-42 in full here

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  1. Jackie Benson

    I am confused on this new order. We live in the Soo and have been self isolating for over a month…only go out to buy groceries or go to the pharmacy. We have a cabin that is 20 minutes from our house in the Brimley area that is situated on 20 acres 1/4 mile off the main road. Very isolated there. Are we allowed to get into our car that is parked in a garage and drive directly there for a few days. There would be no stops on the way. Thank you.
    Jackie Benson

  2. So you are telling people they cant even use their own property…… they pay taxes on…. they have a right to protect and maitain their property or is this just another public announcement basicly saying “Hey break into steal/destroy my property at your leisure”.

  3. Darlene Cadreau

    are you working WITH the SSMTofCI?

    • I’m just trying to figure out if we are indeed allowed to use our boat to fish, one website via the DNR says we can if everyone in the boat lives together and the website says no. So which is it? Can we or can’t we?

  4. Donald Moody

    So you are supporting the massive over reach ov the power hungry governor. Great at least you will make money from the tickets, that’s awesome.

  5. Lynn Phillips

    How’s the enforcement of boats with motors going to be enforced in Chippewa county

  6. Best get up to Whitefish Point and lick it down. All kinds of tourist up there.

  7. What about the part of the order that says a non resident can check on a resident of another household or their pets? So if my fore d is isolated. And I am, and he comes once a week to make sure I have everything I need, run errands for me or take me on errands, cooks food for me, and grooms my cat because doing so worse s my alergies. Is that now illegal?

  8. We get possession of our home on Monday, 4-13-20 and do not currently own another home at the moment. Can we move in?

  9. jean for my friend Marilyn Nardi

    are there any restrictions on people that are now in Florida returning to Michigan.

  10. My question is about fishing from a boat. I have a 14′ boat with a small outboard motor. I usually fish with only one other person. If I’m using my motor, one of us will be handling the motor and one will be in the bow seat which adheres to the 6 foot social distancing order. However, if I can’t use my motor, then one of us will be either in the rear seat or in the bow seat and one will have to row the boat. Now, we’re closer to each other than 6′. Does that make any sense???? Wouldn’t it be safer to use the motor????

  11. You all should be thankful you have a Governor who cares about your lives. I’m in Florida now. Our Governor has waited too long to protect the people of his State. From the maps I see of Michigan, the UP is still pretty safe. Do you want your neighbor from Detroit, Lansing, Saginaw or Flint driving to Northern Michigan ? If they were allowed to drive north, most of them would not know if they are contagious or not.
    I would give anything to be back in Michigan right now, but for the safety of family and friends, I’ll stay put. We can beat this virus, if we all work together by Staying Home.

  12. Like you need anymore reasons to ticket people…..

  13. somone named jerry said lots of tourists at whitfich point , not so, its closed and nobody is around

  14. Can I do a virtual tour on a website, if the house is not occupied? I will keep the screen more than 6 feet away.

  15. If anyone has an issue with the Governors’s order, call her. The Sheriff DOES NOT make up the laws, he has to enforce them. What he IS SAYING is those orders are too vague and difficult to enforce and he needed clarification on many of the rules. No “stay home stay safe” tickets are written and it is not a primary stop. He is asking for clarification from the Governor, which in this article, seems she is not responding. Don’t bad mouth the messenger, i.e Sheriff, if you have an issue with the order. Go right to the horses mouth, i.e. Gov Whitmer, and ask her. At least the Sheriff is asking questions on the citizen’s behalf; the Governor will not provide clarification. Need clarification? Call Governor Whitmer.

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