Chippewa County Joint Information Center issues warning on travel to the UP

CHIPPEWA COUNTY, Mich. — Chippewa County Health Department (CCHD) is strongly urging individuals to limit travel to the Upper Peninsula. For those who must come north, those individuals are asked to quarantine at home or elsewhere for fourteen (14) days from the time you arrive. To self-quarantine means you stay in place for fourteen (14) days because you have either been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or have recently traveled in areas with widespread community transmission. Please bring essential items (which includes food) with you when you
arrive or plan to have someone bring you food and supplies.

While the Upper Peninsula does not have the high number of positive cases found in other areas, the virus is here – even in counties without a confirmed positive case. Everyone should assume that the virus is in your community. Please remember that even if you have no symptoms, you may still have the virus and be shedding it to anyone you encounter. About 25% of people infected with the virus have no symptoms.

War Memorial Hospital (WMH) is the only hospital in the Eastern Upper Peninsula with intensive care unit (ICU) beds. During normal operations, the hospital has six ICU beds. Over the past few weeks, WMH has met the State of Michigan’s request to increase its surge capacity to 50% over its conventional capacity. It has also implemented mitigation activities in an effort to protect our vulnerable community. Persons with any co-morbidity, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, are at an increased risk of harm.

We must all be responsible in carefully following the governor’s orders, practicing social distancing (a minimum of six feet from others), limiting trips to the stores – only go when absolutely necessary, wearing a mask when you are unable to social distance appropriately. By following these steps, we will help keep ourselves, and others, healthy allowing the hospital to be available for the very sick.

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