YOOPER LIFE: For the Love of a Dog (Part 4)

By Misty Murdock

Hunting season finally arrived and I was sure it was going to provide enough venison for the year. I had several friends and family members that said they would give me extra and would even do the two deer license tags. I figured my days of cooking at the “Road Kill Cafe’” were over.

While I was on an annual ladies shopping trip I got a text from my son DJ with a picture of a huge buck that he and my 8 year old granddaughter, Stephenee, had just shot. It was opening day, and it was both his first buck, and her first time out hunting. I was so proud and happy for them both.
Plus, I knew I was going to be getting about half the meat!

The next day Dj and his wife Dani, Steph and my then 4 year old granddaughter Daphnee went over with Doug to my parents where the deer had been hung. My dad had helped gut it the day before and was going to show Doug how to skin it. When I got home that afternoon I asked Doug how Daphnee handled it. She hadn’t been impressed when she heard I had cooked moose. Her words were “I like moose… ALIVE!” I wasn’t real sure how it would go with her seeing what they were doing.

“Oh, I would say she did just fine” Doug told me. “She had the head on a string and was dragging it around like a pet. Daphnee and Steph were even playing catch with the hooves.” I later I found out that “Papa” had made the head “talk” to Daphnee!

Steph was so excited to tell me all about it. She had decided that she would like to start helping me with my road kills, if I needed any in the future. I asked her what she thought of gutting it. “I was Okay” she told me, “until Grandpa Jake threw it’s weenie at me!”

Yes, I know I have a very strange family.

Unfortunately, it was also the only deer that anyone got that I received meat from. So by the end of hunting season, I knew my road kill adventures weren’t over.

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  1. Beverly A Murdock

    Oh my gosh that is funny! Grandbabies are the best!!

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