Yooper Life: For The Love of a Dog (Part 8)

I had just started plowing the driveway when my mom called and told me that my dad had seen a deer by Besteman’s sawmill. I figured I would hook up to the trailer then I could also plow moms driveway while I was there. I backed up to hook up, only to find out Doug had taken off the hitch. Since I had no idea how to put it back on, I knew that plan wasn’t going to work.

I went and grabbed the Jeep, which did have a hitch, hooked up and took off. I drove about a mile away when I passed a cop and I thought “watch him pull me over”. Sure enough, he did. I went to get my license out and realized that in my hurry I had forgotten to grab my purse! He told me he pulled me over because the trailer didn’t have plates. I argued it did, but apparently it was covered with snow. He asked for my license and I told him I’d forgotten it. He took my registration and said “Misty Murdock” I said yes, and told him that I was in a hurry since my mom had just called and I needed to go get a deer. He said, “yep, I know” Apparently word had already gotten out. He handed me back the registration and told me to go get my licenses first.

I finally got to where mom was waiting for me when Mark Besteman pulled up. By the time I got out he had thrown the deer on the trailer. Mom and I were standing there talking and he pulled out a second one! It was 2 for 1 day!! And it wasn’t even Tuesday! We loaded it up and I got it processed. Poor Steph. She had hoped all weekend I would get one and the day
she went back to school I got two! Took the deer carcass out for August the eagle and Fred Foxx, the, well, fox and gave Mark one set of back strap and took the other to mom to thank them for their help. When I got back home I saw that Kyle VanSloten had messaged me telling me that he left me some venison by the sawmill with his “not so new after hitting them” truck! I’m always thankful for the deer I get, but I often wonder who hit them and if it
did much damage. It was nice knowing for a change.

Murdock Misty

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