Cloverland Outage Alerts and Updates

OUTAGE ALERT (Friday, March 13, 12:54 p.m.): We currently have about 500 services affected by outages due to high winds and trees on the line. Crews are on site on Sugar Island and Whitefish township. Thank you for your patience as our crews work to restore power safely.  *** Outage restored at 4 p.m. ***

OUTAGE ALERT (Friday, March 13, 7:25 a.m.): In addition to about 50 outages in Pickford, we have approximately 240 outages north of Paradise. Crews are in route to determine the cause and get your lights back on. Thanks for your patience!

*** UPDATE: High winds have caused additional outages in Whitefish Point, which currently numbers around 370. Crews are on site, removing trees from lines and searching additional causes. *** Outage restored at 9:56 a.m. ***

Outage information is posted and updated on this page when we have 200 or more outages.

Members are encouraged to like our Facebook page for updates on outages. To view where outages are located across our service territory, members can view our Interactive Outage Map on this website or from our SmartHub app.

During large-scale outages, restoration times are often hard to predict or unknown. However, other useful information will be shared to help keep you informed of our progress so you can plan accordingly.  We also provide helpful tips and safety reminders when power outages occur.

Prior to severe weather, plan ahead so you are prepared for a power outage. Click here to view and print a Storm Preparedness Checklist.

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