Sault Ste. Marie Explores Ideas to Improve Downtown Parking

Sault Ste. Marie is closer to getting a $5 million grant for improved parking and beautification.

OHM Advisors put on a presentation Monday afternoon at the Ojibway Hotel displaying ideas of how to improve parking downtown.

This is the first phase of the process as part of the community block grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

This project could start as early as late summer, and is much more than adding parking spaces.

“There’s going to be concrete walkways, there’s going to be colored concrete walkways. There’s a lot of greenery, we are trying to add that element of green.  There’s planting, street trees…things like that…that really get the contrast and not just a sea of asphalt,” said Mark Lock, senior project manager at OHM.

The grant application was submitted in early 2018.

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