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May 3, 2021

Emery Arnold McKelvie, Jr.08/30/1990Snowmobiles – Operate Under the InfluenceFines and costs $87093 days, credit 1, balance held in abeyanceSign releasesNo alcohol, controlled substance, marijuana, THCNo bars/taverns/casinosTest on demand80 hours community serviceAssessment and recommendationsSnowmobile privileges suspended 12 months Kevin Thomas Jakubczak02/09/1992ORV-OUILFines and costs $75093 days, serve 3, balance suspended80 hours community […]

Mackinac Straits to Offer a Bi-Weekly COVID Vaccine Clinic

ST. IGNACE – Mackinac Straits Health System (MSHS) continues to work with local health departments and otherregional partners to stop the spread of the coronavirus. One of the key initiatives is to make COVID-19 vaccinationsmore available. Beginning May 13, 2021, and every other Thursday going forward, Mackinac Straits will be […]

2% Salary Increase For Elected Officers, Legislature Recommended

All elected state officers would receive 2 percent raises in 2023 and 2024 under a recommendation issued Friday by the State Officers Compensation Commission, putting the proposal before a Legislature that has in recent years largely declined to approve such increases. The proposed increases require action by the Legislature, which […]