No Body Water Contact for Sugar Island Twp Park and Brimley State Park

Due to elevated levels of E. coli bacteria detected in samples collected Monday, June 24, 2024, the Chippewa County Health Department has issued a No Body Contact Advisory for Sugar Island Township Park, on the north shore of Sugar Island and the Brimley State Park

People are advised to avoid body contact with the waters at Sugar Island Township Park and Brimley State Park. Do not get the water in your mouth, or on cuts or scratches on your skin. Rain, high winds, and wavey conditions are known to cause elevated levels of bacteria, specifically E. Coli, in the water, for 24 or more hours after these events. It is expected that levels of bacteria in the water will fall to acceptable levels about 24 hours after these conditions end.

Monitoring efforts continue by the Chippewa County Health Department’s Environmental Health staff. Additional samples are being collected later this week. The Health Department will notify the public when the advisory has been lifted.

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