The Slumber Party

Hi everyone. Maverick here with this week’s edition of “Cat Tales.” I’ve mentioned in past columns that I love when my mom tells me stories of the good old days, especially the ones involving my brothers. I want to share the one about my brother, Alex’s, slumber party. I love this story. I was just a little guy when this happened. 

Alex asked our mom if he could have a slumber party and invite friends to spend the night. Mom told him that he could. He then asked her if we could buy some pajamas. “Alex, you don’t need pajamas. You never wear them.” But he soon convinced her that we would need PJs when he reminded her that there would be girl cats there. The invitations were sent out to friends and the response was overwhelming. Everyone was excited to come to the slumber party.

The night of the party, the three of us, Alex, Winston, and I got dressed in our pajamas. Alex put on his new “Grumpy Cat” PJs. Winston was dressed in “Big Bird” PJs, while I was the yellow “M&M” guy. Alex picked mine out. He said that “M&M” stood for Mighty Maverick. I was so excited.

Alex had games, food, and a movie planned. There were bowls of water to drink and “Greenies” to eat. There were different kinds of dry and wet cat food in several flavors. 

The games he chose were bobbing for blueberries, Zoomie tag, and Mouse Trap. He wanted to use the top of Mom’s canopy bed for a trampoline, but Mom shut that down fast. She could tell she would need to keep a close eye on Alex and the party.

The night of the party, my brothers and I were excited. Alex had the “Happy” song playing rather loudly until Mom turned it down. Winston was the first to see the van pull in with all our friends. Mom’s friends, Kathy and Sara, picked everyone up. I will never forget how they all piled out of the van wearing their cute PJs and carrying their sleeping bags. There were  Ebby, Zoey, Mama Kitty, Grey Kitty, and White Kitty, but I can’t remember the rest. There were about ten of us. Alex liked Ebby, and hung out quite a bit with her (she was dressed in “Cat Woman” PJs,) while Winston and Zoey bobbed for blueberries. By the time they had finished, Alex was snickering because their faces looked like Smurfs. Of course, he didn’t tell them right away. They went through part of the night having “Smurf” faces.

We were having so much fun eating, playing games, and talking. That is until Mom told us it was time for bed and the movie, but first, we had to line up and brush our teeth. There were a lot of moans and groans, but everyone did what they were told.

As everyone gathered around the television in their sleeping bags, Alex put the movie in the VCR. It was an animated movie. We passed around a bowl of Greenies for our snack and commenced to watch it.

As soon as Mom saw that everything was going well, she went to bed, with promises from Alex that everyone would behave. I fell asleep rather quickly. I was a little guy, and couldn’t keep up with everyone else. When Mom got up the next morning, everyone was in a happy mood, giggling, and snickering. She fed us our breakfast and had everyone pack their things because Sara and Kathy were coming to pick everyone up to take home. As everyone packed, Mom noticed they were still giggling and snickering. There were several high paws given to Alex, too.

Mom pulled Alex aside and asked him why everyone was giggling and snickering. “I don’t know, Mom,” said Alex. “Everybody had a great time,” but Mom’s smart, and she knew something was up. Mom asked Ebby and Zoey if they had fun, and Ebby said it was a night to remember and busted out in cat giggles. That’s when Mom asked her what was so funny. Alex heard her ask and interrupted saying, “I told you Mom, they had fun. That’s why everyone’s laughing.” “Alex, go clean up the living room, I’m talking to Ebby.” That’s when the truth was revealed. After Mom had gone to bed and Alex made sure she was asleep, he switched out the animated movie for “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.”

Mom’s face turned beet red. She was mad. “Alex, how could you?” He told her it was easy; he just took out one movie and put in the other. “Don’t you get smart with me young man,” said Mom. Now I must explain to all the parents what happened here last night. “You don’t have to tell them, nobody will tell.” Mom gave him “the look,” which meant he was in trouble.

After everyone left, Mom had a serious conversation with Alex. She told him that he was to clean up the party mess by himself and explained that he wouldn’t be having parties anytime soon. Alex didn’t like that and threatened to call CPS (Cat Protective Services,) but when he saw my mom’s face he decided not to push it. He tried to bribe Winston and me into helping him clean, but Mom overheard him, and that was the end of that.

Life went on after that, but nothing seemed quite as exciting. I overheard Mom tell someone that Alex was the smartest cat in school, but he always ended up in the principal’s office. He sure knew how to throw a party though. 

In my last column, I promised to give an update on “The Monster Pillow.” My mom took more foam out of the pillow. She wore long sleeves, and as she pulled out the foam, she looked like she was covered in tiny marshmallows. They were stuck all over her. The pillow still has too much foam, but she doesn’t want to take out anymore, fearing she would take too much. She tied up the trash bag full of the extra foam and put it away. 

Mom says it’s called a bamboo pillow, whatever that means, and she is slowly getting used to it. As for me, I’m still apprehensive when I get close to the “Monster” pillow. I check it over closely each time I snuggle with my mom. I still don’t trust it.

I hope everyone enjoyed “The Slumber Party.” Let me know if you like it.

Until next time, Love Maverick 🐾

Today’s quote: “A kitten is in the animal world what a rosebud is in the garden.” – Robert Southey

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