I Don’t Like Spring Cleaning

Hi, I’m Maverick, and this is my column/blog, “Cat Tales.” It’s that time of year again for Spring cleaning. It’s exhausting watching my mom clean. I try to stay out of her way, or she may put me to work. I’m kidding. She started some of it last weekend and then again yesterday, but today, she is doing the hard stuff, like taking things off those hard-to-reach places high up so she can dust and wipe things clean. She also is washing the linens too. While she is doing that, I thought I’d use the laptop and write my column/blog. I’d much rather write than clean.

My mom is an avid reader, so she keeps a running list of books she wants to read at all times on the library site, and then when they come in, she runs over and picks them up. She got me interested in reading, too. A book I recommend is “Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes.” Pete the Cat has a series of books to read. There are story, picture, board, and songbooks. An oldie but goodie that my mom used to read when she was a little girl is “The Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Seuss.

My late brother, Alex, was a huge reader. He loved books. Someone had given my mom a paper bag full of books to read, and she had put them in the bedroom on top of the blanket chest. One day, she came home from an appointment, and when she went to get a book to read, the bag of books wasn’t there. She thought she had misplaced them. She tried remembering where she had put them when she noticed Alex wasn’t around. She was super worried and started opening closet doors and calling for him, when lo and behold, she found him underneath the bed with the bag of books. My mom couldn’t stop laughing. Alex thought he was in trouble, but when she laughed, he crawled out from under the bed with a sheepish look. He had the books scattered underneath the bed while only a few were left in the bag.  

My mom taught me to be very careful with library books because they aren’t mine to keep. I have to return them when I am done reading them. The Bayliss Public Library has a lot of great books for young and old. I go to the children’s section to find books, and Sheila, the youth services librarian, will be happy to help you if you need it.


  • Cats have the largest eyes relative to the head size of any mammal. – This is true. My nickname is “Big Eyes.”
  • Cats make very little noise when they walk around. The thick, soft pads on their paws allow them to sneak up on their prey or you! – You can ask my mom about this fact. She never knows where I am because I’m so quiet. I walk beside her sometimes, and she doesn’t realize I am there until she almost trips over me.
  • Cats’ rough tongues can lick a bone clean of any shred of meat. – I’ve never licked a bone, but I believe I could. I think dogs like bones better than cats. Don’t do this with a porkchop or chicken bone because the bones are small and can get stuck in your throat.
  • Cats use their long tails to balance themselves when jumping or walking along narrow ledges. – My mom used to tell my brother, Alex, that he had a tattle-tail because it would go back and forth whenever he was up to something. Tails aren’t just for jumping or walking along narrow ledges.
  • Cats use their whiskers to “feel” the world around them to determine which small spaces they can fit into.  A cat’s whiskers are generally about the same width as its body. That’s why you should never, ever cut their whiskers. – I agree. Please don’t do this to your cat. Our whiskers play a vital role in our well-being.
  • Cats walk like camels and giraffes: They move their right feet first, then both of their left feet. No other animals walk this way. – Hmmm. I am pondering this, and I don’t think I agree. How is that possible?
  • Male cats are more likely to be left-pawed, while female cats are more likely to be right-pawed. – This is an interesting fact. I’m wondering who figured that out.
  • Though cats can notice the fast movements of their prey, it often seems to them that slow-moving objects are stagnant. – Huh?
  • Some cats are ambidextrous, but 40 percent are either left or right-pawed. – Really? Is there someone who sits around all day, watching cats? Don’t they have anything better to do?
  • Some cats have more than 18 toes. These extra-digit felines are known as “polydactyl.” – I guess I should count mine, but I don’t think I want to be called “polydactyl.” I’m Maverick.
  • According to a study by Banfield Pet Hospital, a cat’s average lifespan increased by a year between 2002 and 2012. – That’s wonderful news. My mom says humans are also living longer.
  • According to The Huffington Post, cats typically sleep 12 to 16 hours a day. – I have to agree with this. My mom said that it says day and not night. I wonder what she means by that. I guess I’m up too much in the night.
  • Cats are crepuscular. That means that they’re most active at dawn and dusk. – My mom agrees with this tidbit of info.
  • Cats are fastidious creatures about their “bathroom.” If you have more than one cat, you should have one litter box for each. – OMG! Absolutely. We need our own place to do our thing. Unless humans want to stand there and scoop after each cat uses the litter box, then get each cat their own. I can’t stress how important this is. I’m a cat, and I know these things. Like humans, we’re not good at sharing.
  • Cats can spend up to a third of their waking hours grooming. – We like to be clean and look good. My mom combs me almost every day. I like that because it feels good and it keeps my fur looking healthy. This time of year, we’re getting rid of our winter coats. Moms and dads, please comb us, or we’re liable to end up with more hairballs.
  • Cats live longer when they stay indoors. – This is true. My brother lived to be 18 years old. – Think about if humans had to live outside. I don’t think they’d live as long compared to if they were inside.

That’s all the cat facts I have for you today. I’ll have more for you next time. You can also contact me at: maverick@eupnews.com

I will leave you with this quote: “Time spent with cats is never wasted.” – Sigmund Freud.

Love Maverick 🐾

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  1. Cheryl Sansing

    Hi Maverick, It’s me, Spooky again! I just love it when mom reads me your column. I’m not a fan of spring cleaning either. Mom was hard at it this morning. She likes to change the curtains in the kitchen in Spring and Fall. She also changes the cushions to the chairs at the kitchen table. She was also busy washing the curtains up and putting them away. She even washed all the throw rugs in the kitchen. Not to mention mopping the floors. She wears me out watching her. So, I decided since I was on top of the couch, I’d just turn my head the other direction and take a nap. I didn’t bother getting off the couch until I saw her making a pizza for lunch. I bother her while she’s eating. She knows I want the hard ends of the crust, so she breaks pieces off for me to eat. Yum Yum!
    The other day, mom’s bedroom remodel was finally completed. She was super busy getting all the furniture back in the bedroom. I tried to stay out of her way, but I was curious. When I saw her moving the big pieces of furniture, I decided curiosity was not going to kill this cat, so I got myself out of the area and went into the family room and curled up on grandma’s glider for a nap.
    You were talking about reading. Well, in the morning, before mom gets out of bed for the day, she takes her Bible out and reads a few chapters out loud. I’m usually done with my breakfast by then, so I just sit in the doorway and listen as she reads. I try not to bother her, because I know this is important to her. I listen as she reads. She admits she is not the best reader in the world, and she does stammer once in a while trying to get the words out. It doesn’t help that she is dyslexic. Sometimes she has to re-read what she already read because it doesn’t make sense. When she finally gets it out correctly, then I understand what she’s saying. After she is done reading and praying, I jump back up in the bed and get in between her and the pillows she’s got her Bible propped up on. I enjoy that cuddle time in the morning with mom.
    Well, I’ve rambled on and on. I do enjoy your columns. Keep them coming. And don’t forget to stay out of your mom’s way when she’s cleaning.

    Happy Tales to You,
    Spooky Sansing

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