Upcoming DNR meetings, plus a vacancy on ORV workgroup

The Department of Natural Resources is committed to providing Michigan residents the opportunity to share input and ideas on policy decisions, programs and other aspects of natural resource management and outdoor recreation opportunities.

One important avenue for this input is at meetings of the public bodies that advise the DNR and, in some cases, also set policies for natural and cultural resource management. Frequently check the DNR boards, commissions, committees and councils webpage for updates.

The links below will take you to the webpage for each group, where you will find meeting details such as location and agenda (when finalized). Please check these pages often, as meeting details may change and sometimes meetings are canceled.

March meetings

Apply for ORV team vacancy

The DNR is accepting applications for an opening on the Off-road Vehicle Advisory Workgroup, which consists of seven people each serving four-year terms and contributing as volunteers (travel expenses to and from meetings are eligible for reimbursement). The group, which works closely with the Michigan Trails Advisory Council, meets quarterly at varying locations around the state. The ideal candidate is an individual who represents ORV communities.

Interested? Apply by filling out this form. Applications are accepted through March 15. For more information, contact Anna Centofanti at 517-331-6219.

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