New Friends

Hi everyone. Maverick here, with the Christmas edition of “Cat Tales.” I am excited to tell you about my new friends. I have been so lonely without my brothers, and I don’t like being alone. So I asked my mom for a new brother for Christmas. She told me that she needed to have some surgeries and that taking care of me was going to be hard enough, let alone having a little brother running around too. She did say she would have loved to have given me a brother though, so I wouldn’t feel so alone, especially when she has to leave for appointments and things.

One night, she was in bed reading, and I jumped up on the bed running around like a crazy cat, pouncing, jumping, and chasing. My mom asked me what I was doing, and I said that I was playing with my friends. Boy, she sat up fast. She was looking all around, eyeing the quilts closely, thinking there was a bug on the bed that I was playing with. I’ve been known to play with a grasshopper or two or bat at a fly. I got a case of the cat giggles because she looked so silly.

“Maverick, where are your friends,” she asked. I told her they were looking at her. Her eyes got really big. “Maverick, I am not going to ask you again. Where are your friends?” They’re right here Mom, but you can’t see them because they’re invisible. Oh, she said, you mean imaginary. I told her they were not imaginary, they were real, but no one could see them but me. They’re invisible.

I told her my new friends were kittens, and their names were Oscar and Oliver, and that I was their big brother. They are very mischievous. I told her I loved them very, very, much.

She wasn’t upset with me. She hugged me and told me that she was glad that I had some new friends to play with. She also told me that creating imaginary and invisible friends was a sign of intelligence and creativity. I got the biggest toothiest grin on my face when she said that, and my chest puffed out a bit.

Oliver is the orneriest. He loves investigating every nook and cranny and doing things that he shouldn’t. Oscar is ornery too, but he thinks about things more than Oliver. He gets into things, but he considers the consequences first. He’s a thinker.

They’re not around me all the time, mostly when my mom leaves me alone for a bit. Having them around makes me feel less alone. The other day, my mom had an appointment, and just before she left, she told me to have fun with Oscar and Oliver.

They sure love to get into things. I don’t know where they get that from. I’m trying to teach them to play hockey, but their attention span isn’t what it should be when you play hockey. They’d much rather chase each other and roll around on the floor. They’re funny to watch. My favorite thing to do is chase them around and play tag. They also love to unroll the toilet paper from the holder. They’re so young, and yet they already know how to toilet paper our apartment. I never did that when I was little. See what I mean? They are mischievous.

I hope everybody has made out their list for Santa Paws. I asked Santa to make everyone happy and well. I also asked for a ball that I could play with and roll around on the floor so I’m not tempted to use my mom’s breakable things for a ball, as I have in the past.

The other day, my mom came home from picking up her curbside grocery order, and as she was unloading the groceries, out came a ball. My mom bought me the ugliest ball I had ever seen. It was round, and it looked like a mophead. But the worst thing was that it was pink. I was shocked that she would buy me a pink ball. She explained that when she picked it out online, the description said that the ball came in assorted colors, but she couldn’t stipulate the color she wanted. The shopper did it. She apologized that it was pink, but she said it was still a ball that I could play with. But I just couldn’t bring myself to play with the pink ball. It’s a guy thing.

It sat in the middle of the living room floor for a couple of days, when one night, she brought it into bed with us. She started throwing it up in the air and catching it. Then she rolled it across the bed to me, and I batted it. The crazy thing shot up into the air when I did that, and the next thing I knew, I was playing with the ball in bed. It makes a cute little rattling sound too. My mom said to pretend it was another color, and then the next time she went to the store, she’d buy me another ball. That’s what she did. She figured that the chance of me getting another pink ball was very slim. Huh, guess again? Another pink ball comes rolling out of the bag. Neither of us could believe our eyes. What’s the chances of us getting two pink balls, on two separate grocery visits, when they come in an assortment of colors? It must have been a girl shopper.

We both started giggling. Now I have two pink mophead balls, and do you know they somehow have come up missing? Go figure!

Okay, everybody, I’m off to play with Oscar and Oliver. Maybe they hid those pink mophead balls. Maybe I’ll suggest that to my mom so she doesn’t think I hid them.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a paw-sitively healthy New Year.

Today’s quote: “Just remember, the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart.” – The Polar Express

Love Maverick and friends

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