What is a CISMA, And How Can They Help Me?

It’s that time of year again when we’re gearing up for our fall and winter holidays. It’s one of my favorite
times of the year, primarily because of the well-orchestrated meals with friends and family, where we
each bring a dish to share. As more and more friends contribute to the meal together, the more diversity
of dishes there are to pass, and less work is needed by one individual to create a satisfying feast for
everyone! The success of these meal gatherings depends on communication and collaboration between
our family and friends, much like how a Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (CISMA)

Just as everyone brings their distinct culinary expertise to the table at meal gatherings, a CISMA consists
of many brilliant minds from various organizations that contribute their expertise, resources, and efforts
to help combat invasive species. In these cooperative efforts, the partners within the CISMA pool their
knowledge, resources, and efforts to combat the threat of non-native species. Because these
partnerships can grow rather large, they’re led by a small subset of the partnership known as a steering
committee that helps guide the actions of a coordinator and other key staff that act on behalf of the
partnership housed under a fiduciary partner.

Much like the host of a meal gathering, the CISMA fiduciary takes on the responsibility of managing and
overseeing the financial aspects of the collaborative endeavor. This host organization acts as a
custodian of the funds sought by the CISMA for controlling invasive species while fostering trust
amongst the parties by transparently making responsible financial practices that align with the overall
goals of the CISMA partnership.

The Three Shores CISMA is your local CISMA partnership covering Chippewa, Luce, and Mackinac
counties in the Eastern Upper Peninsula. Our partnership is hosted by our CISMA fiduciary, the
Chippewa Luce Mackinac Conservation District, and actively coordinates invasive species activities
across jurisdictional and various other regional partners. We love the natural beauty of the Eastern
Upper Peninsula and want to have that beauty last for many future generations. That’s why we work
hard to help provide a coordinated plan of action for detecting, monitoring, controlling, and preventing
invasive species in the area.

Through the guidance of our steering committee, the Three Shores CISMA actively pursues avenues to
bring new partners to the table and treat invasive species that could have a massive impact in the
region. If you’re interested in joining our collaborative partnership, we would love to have you!
Similarly, if you have a high-impact invasive species, such as invasive phragmites or invasive knotweeds,
on your property, we want to help! Contact your Three Shores CISMA coordinator, Michael Hindy, at
906-630-7139 or threeshorescisma@gmail.com to learn how our partnership can help you today!

EUP News Staff

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