Sportsmans Off Road Vehicle Association (CC-SORVA) improving and creating trails for off roaders

CC SORVA is a local non-profit group dedicated to improve riding of Off Road Vehicles (ORV’s) in the
Eastern UP. The club recently obtained approval and funding to open up 38 miles of connector trails
between Strongs and Brimley, Strongs and Hulbert, and Strongs and Trout Lake. These trails are in
addition to 38 miles of trails they maintain between Sault Ste. Marie and Strongs along the old RR
Grade. The approval means funding from ORV trail permits can be released to the club for signage,
brushing, grading and other maintenance to improve the riding experience. These trails are among the
most heavily traveled in the EUP, and regular maintenance means, a more comfortable and safe ride.

The club just coordinated completion of a $400,000 project to remove water holes and cover parts of
the trail between the Sault and Brimley with crushed slag stone. This creates a durable trail that will
hold it’s shape over the season, and remove the large, up to 4 ft deep, water holes that previously
existed, as well as helps prevent the creation of new deep mud ruts that riders could become stuck in.

The 38 miles of new trails required extensive brushing, all new trail signage, and will soon be graded on
a monthly basis. Charlie Steffens, Secretary CC SORVA says “it took nearly 7 years to get these new trails
approved. The process took hundreds of man-hours of volunteer time processing paperwork, obtaining
approvals from local governmental agencies, and work with the US Forest Service and Michigan DNR
Trail Specialists to obtain approval.” Steffens also said “ORV riders can support the club by joining at We are always looking for people to volunteer on our trail work.”

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