Lost Hiker from Brimley Found Alive Near Whitefish Point

On 4-15-2023 at 5:10 pm Central Dispatch received a 911 call. The man calling reported he was with some friends on Wildcat Trail near Whitefish Point in Paradise Michigan when he became separated from his group. He was reporting he was lost in the woods, and he was wet.

That was the last communication between the man and central dispatch.

Deputy Sheriff’s arrived on scene and found the man’s vehicle parked on Wildcat Trail near Lake Superior. There was no sign of the missing man or his friends.

A short time later U.S. Border Patrol arrived on scene to assist in the search. Chippewa County Sheriff’s search and rescue and victim’s services unit, VSU, were called to assist. The search continued on foot as well as by tracked vehicle.

Eventually the friends made it back to their vehicle and was hoping to find their friend there.

Prior to 11pm the man was found deep into the woods and in a swampy area. It was obvious at that time that it would be a real struggle to get the man and the rescuers out safely. All the Officers were fighting the snow and water during the search. Hours later everyone was out of danger and safe.

The rescued man was a late 30’s Brimley man.

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