Sault Youth Wrestlers qualify for State Tournament

St. Ignace, MI Open results

Logan Lowther 2-0(1st), Chase Kilgore 2-0(1st), Jack Lowther 2-1(2nd), Kaysen Hendrick 2-1(2nd), Jared Riggs 1-1(2nd), Pierce Rondeau 0-3(4th), Jackson Minta 1-1 (2nd), Brantley Kilgore 2-0(1st), Easton Hendrick 1-2(3rd), Kane Savoie 1-1(2nd), Brady Rondeau 2-1(2nd), Dalton Savoie 2-0(1st) and Wyatt Peabody 2-0(1st).

Front row: Jared Riggs, Kaysen Hendrick, Easton Hendrick, Jackson Minta. Back row: Dalton Savoie, Kane Savoie, Wyatt Peabody, Brady Rondeau.

MYWAY Far North Regionals in Grayling, MI

All Sault wrestlers placed at regionals to qualify for MYWAY States.

Josh Dixon – Bye (1st), Travis Pyle 2-1 (2nd), Emmett Rogers 1-1 (2nd), Jack Lowther 1-0 (1st), Guy Pyle 0-1 (2nd), Jackson Minta 2-2 (4th), Levi Hudson 1-0 (1st), Drew Burtt – FF (3rd), Chance Gregg – Bye (1st), Hazen Hudson 0-2 (3rd), Michael Morse 1-0 (1st).

Front row: Travis Pyle, Guy Pyle.  Back row: Hazen Hudson, Jackson Minta,Levi Hudson

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