Letters from the Past – John Jr talks about hunting “bigger” game

H8 Co. 254 Infantry
New York City, NY

Tuesday, Dec. 12, 1944

Dear Folks,
Here I am again. I am now in France, but I can’t tell you what part for security reasons. We had a mail call last night and was I ever happy. I received eleven letters. They were from you folks, Effie, and Wilma. I hope you keep up the good work as mail does a lot for a fellow’s morale.

Well dad, maybe you will have a little better luck next year with your deer hunting. I hope that by next year, I will be able to go with you, but I am out for bigger game this year.

We just finished our noon meal a few minutes ago, that is why I am now writing. You don’t get to do much writing in the evening, as it gets dark quite early. I intend to write to the boys out at the farm as soon as I can. So if you should see them before they get my letter give them my best regards.

Oh yes, if you get a chance I wish that you would send some heavy wool socks and a knife, as my jack knife blade broke. Of course, I don’t want the hunting knife of dad’s, but if you get something on the same order, that would be all right, as there are many uses for knives. I would also like some food.

I don’t know much news, except that I am feeling fine, and I hope this letter finds you the same. Write when you can, and I’ll do my best. Tell Stanley hello and everybody else.

Your son and brother,


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